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Shook Hummer II SUV's are completely self-contained, self powered earth-mobile military vehicles with a Vortec 6000 6.0L V-8 325HP engine and 4 Speed automatic transmissions available in either 2X4 or 4X4 versions with TAC Traction contol and 4 wheel 4 channel disc brakes with ABS. One floor to ceiling equipment rack is provided to accommodate a COFDM microwave package as well as required terminal hardware.


On board power options include a 5.5 Kw gasoline powered generator or a 3Kw 120 VAC Inverter-Battery system designed to provide ample technical and utility power for operation of all onboard equipment.


Shook Hummer II SUV's are divided into discreet operating areas, with the operations area located in the front and equipment storage, generator in the rear of the vehicle. These vehicles can be delivered fully outfitted with the acquisition and RF equipment of your choice; or Shook will complete the vehicle "Rack-Ready" for easy installation of equipment and cabling by the end user. Finite element engineering affords proper weight distribution for excellent handling and durability in the most adverse news related conditions.